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Muse Advertising

Advertising industry is the most susceptible as well as highly responsive to slightest of changes in technology, media, current affairs, audience's mindset and latest happenings. As director & creative head of Muse Advertising, I have seen my agency going beyond creative advertising to a more coherent approach. In times of information and brands overload, Muse has strategised its creativity to become more coherent whereby it penetrates into the extremely short attention span of today's consumers and connects and engages them with the brand.

Muse Advertising

Muse strategizes a creative thinking module for your business which consists of creating value for your business through creative approach, design thinking & communications.

Muse Advertising

Muse places the evolutionary behavior of masses in the centre of all our projects. Muse Strategy works to inspire Brands. Not only does the Inspiration influence the behavior but indirectly outwits the competition.

Muse Advertising

Muse believes that a successful communication campaign follows the trajectory of attention, positive reaction and action. Visual Intelligence by Muse ensures that brands provoke action within its target audience.

Earlier my creative consultation sessions with clients focused largely on concept and campaigns. Today considering the changing brands' social structure, in addition to the inevitable concept, i stress on the need of 'innovation' in execution, media and strategy of the concept. Over the years, Muse Advertising has constantly been evolving to newer markets, new audiences and new experiences. In more than 8 years of brand building, Muse has been successfully providing creative solutions to corporates, government organisations, public sector, media, entertainment, healthcare, education and real estate.

I believe cognition is the key ingredient to the process of creation, hence I ensure my team gets the much coveted freedom to think, express, experiment and invent. Muse is all about ideas, innovation, happiness and satisfaction that a creative mind always seeks (subject to clients' discretion).

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