Making of Reborn Logo

While I started creating Reborn Series, I thought it is impossible to compile the entire vision of Reborn in one exhibition. To compile Reborn as a thought, it's philosophy, it's attributes, it's presence, it's process, etc. in the form of paintings was tough. But surely not as difficult as compiling Reborn in the form of an identity or logo. I started constantly thinking, What could be one single visual that has the capacity to assimilate all aspects of Reborn and bear equal relevance to my entire series of paintings. I was not willing to sketch till I freeze on a thought for a logo. With days of pondering, I decided to go in my reversal mode. In this phase, I cease all thoughts, create a vacuum like state in my mind. I take resort to my sketch pad. I adopt the reverse mode where I let my sketching control my mind. I began, I closed my eyes, without any conscious realisation, my hand started making some peculiar forms. I opened my eyes to see what is getting formed. I couldn't just stop and I had huge sheets full of the same form. My hand couldn't move beyond this form.

When my hand stopped, I took to analysing what was getting formed. Gradually, the vacuum of my mind started getting full of thoughts about this form. What am I seeing! It was simply unbelievable! It was the core essence of Reborn summarised in one form! Reborn unearthed its identity. The form was none other than the source of Reborn. It is a womb where reborn takes place. This womb is seated within all of us ready for our thoughts to get fertilised. It was present invariably in all the paintings of the series but remained incognito from my consciousness.

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