Buddha is Reborn of Siddharth

The process of Reborn can be best understood with few well known examples. Buddha was a Reborn of Siddharth, so was Valmiki of Ratnakar. Angulimala experienced the process of Reborn after meeting Buddha. Prophet Muhammad experienced Reborn to prophethood at Jabbal an Nur where he began receiving messages from God. Swami Vivekanad is Reborn of Narendra. Reborn is as much about realisation of one's higher self as about the process of self discovery and inventions. Aryabhat was Reborn with Zero as much as Einstein with Theory of Relativity. From a book seller to being a Upanyas Samrat, Premchand was Reborn. Gandhiji was Reborn with Satyagraha.

It is true with epics as well. Ram charitra Manas is a Reborn of Ramayan. Reborn is also about successfully overcoming the pain, trauma and debility coming across the life. The recent case of acid attack victim, Lakshmi who is back to normal life is a case of Reborn. Bethany Hamilton, american professional surfer who returned to surfing after loosing a hand also is an example of Reborn. There are many unknown cases of Reborn too in our society. If you know more cases of Reborn, let us discuss on this platform.

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