One thought One India - Empowering Thoughts

One Thought One India is an initiative to build positive environment in every sector of human life by means of one thought. This is the time when every thought fights for its existence. One Thought One India aims to eliminate the theory of survival of fittest with that of the survival of the universally accepted.

One thought One India

One thought is euphemism for common consensus coming from different directions eventually combining into one. The thoughts of Love, Peace, Growth, Happiness are universal. Such thoughts do not need debates or approvals.They have consensus from one and all.

In the environment of fight for sovereignty of thoughts, it is not the quality of thoughts but the source from where it comes matters. Who is speaking matters more than what is spoken. Hence, agreeability towards a thought starts depending upon the personal equations with the source than the potential of thought. One Thought One India is the only platform that empowers thoughts as against the source from where it comes.

One Thought One India aims to gather common consensus for a thought and start immediate action by bringing across various agreeable thoughts for different sectors- politics, arts, media, entertainment, cinema, literature, education which need to be incorporated into policy drafting, social initiatives, administrative decisions, etc.

One Thought One India empowers widely accepted good thoughts and encourages its propagation amidst autocratic interferences. This is a true democratic platform that values power of people's thoughts.

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