Enriching Theatre with Arts
Enriching Theatre with Arts

Theatre is an artform that does the story telling through live performances. This art form requires tremendous visual engagement with the audiences which becomes an integral part of the overall story telling experience. There is more to the use of this art than just set designing. This visual art which is at its nascent stage can change the dynamics of a play if it starts becoming an indispensable part of a play. This art requires incorporation at all the levels of execution of a play right from screenplay, performances, music and art direction. This is the only aspect of a play that can be new with every show without disturbing the structure of a play. This significant element adds to the fresh appeal of play and breaks the monotony if any that sets amongst performers and audiences when a play has been performed several times. Thus, a single play packs a new surprising element for its audience (new &old) with every new show.

What difference this art can make to a play, I'll elaborate with an example. Consider an act where a young boy is desperate to write what he has learnt but has no resources. Constantly the thoughts of letters and alphabets are going in his mind. This act can be taken to a different level of visual journey when you make use of this art. One of the ways is by making use of the most commonly available element on the set-lights. The source of light can be adjusted in such a way that it comes through a narrow beam and starts getting synchronised with the hand movements of the boy who is visualising the letters. This will enrich the overall experience of audiences watching the play.

The introduction of art in theatre doesn't increase the budget of a play as it often makes use of the most commonly available elements of play. Introduction of arts in theatre can be utilised to enhance and add variety to the performance styles of the artists as well. If well adopted, arts can add multiple dimensions to a play in terms of story telling, aestheticism and performances. Let's look forward to a visually enriching theatre journey in a very near future.

The above views were expressed on the eve of World Theater Day where an open forum was organized by Muse Advertising in association with Virat Kalodhbhav to discuss about the future of art forms in India with focus on theater. The event even saw theater veterans, actors, literature stalwarts like Asghar Wajahat, R. S. Vikal, Ashok Purang, Surendra Rajan interacting with audiences young and old about future of theater.

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