Common Myths of contemporary Indian Cinema

Myth I: Being Sensible means not being entertaining and vice versa

Myth II: Only so called Entertaining Films can be commercially successful

Cinema & Entertainment are perceived as two sides of the same coin. But for me, it holds true only till you redefine the whole meaning of Entertainment. Entertainment literally means something that holds your interest and attention. Unfortunately, dim-witted content is marketed as the only form of entertainment. Films that don't have much to offer to the audiences in terms of content, are often found taking recourse to the word 'Entertainment'. Such films represent themselves under the category of Entertaining Films of the Cinema.

The types of content which are served under the category of Entertainment include:

  • Slapstick Comedy
  • Hackneyed Story plots
  • Item Songs
  • Sex
  • Slang Music, Language, etc.

The types of content which fall under the category of Entertainment but are not treated as one:

  • Visual Intelligence
  • Good Content
  • Intense Emotions
  • Music
  • Folk Culture
  • Rich Literature

Since Entertainment has been strictly defined by the above categories, it leaves little scope for experiments. Hence, under the pretext of entertainment, either earlier successful content is being recycled or Slang is being promoted.It is difficult to say whether the lethargy, lack of talent, box office insecurity or all of the above factors are responsible for an increased trend of deranged cinema being promoted as an entertaining one. But the lethargy of the audiences to voice against the deterioration of Cinema is definitely an important contributing factor towards this trend.

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