Common Myths Related to Paintings

Myth 1 - Painters are artists

Fact: Everyone is an artist

By the prospect of being a human, we have been inundated with inherent quality to create. We have been designed in a way to resemble closet to the creator. We have all attributes of the creator including the power to create. So, all of us are born artists by the virtue of nature. We can create happiness, we can create a better world around us, we can create awakening, we can create revolution. How this creation takes place is the actual definition of art. You can create peace through painting, writing, speaking or simply through your demeanour. No matter what route you take to create, you are an artist. A man who has learnt to stay calm and satisfied in this world is an artist. A mother who creates freedom for her child to grow is an artist. A sweeper who has developed his style of sweeping which is making him happy, is an artist. All children by default are artists (till we start fiddling with their curiosity). Being an artist means being able to think beyond the conventions, redefining conventions, giving one's own perspective to the existings, creating something which is not existing. Being an artist means inventing, exploring, experimenting, pondering, loving, understanding, etc.

When artist's definition is all encompassing then why the artist tag is reserved for someone who does something to canvas, stone or objects. The most important aspect for one to be qualified as an artist is the creative attitude. It is not the medium that makes the art, it is the attitude.
Often painting as an art ceases to provide innovations. An artist might get entangled in one format and output starts getting monotonous which can be comparable to usual desk work at an office. Whereas, a corporate is qualified to be an artist if he/she invents a new strategy that is promising impact.

So let's widen the scope of art and artists for the world to be more creative.

Why painting is considered an art?
Painting is a disciplinary that falls under the category of art. which comes under art as this is the place which requires that creative attitude for it to get nourished.

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