Common Myths Related to Paintings

Myth 2 - Painting is for niche, not for masses

Fact: Painting knows no discrimination

Does nature differentiate between us? Nor do paintings. So why has painting not been as popular as other art forms like music or cinema amongst general masses. Is it because the general public do not connect with this art? Or artists have not made efforts to disseminate their art across the masses? Or it is not important for painting to reach anyone else except its buyers?

Why general masses (without art background) find it difficult to connect with paintings?
Painting takes birth from an artist's urge to express himself through this medium. It is not manufactured considering market needs or demands. Hence, it is difficult for masses to connect with the artist's work that is not in their frame of mind. Hence, artists need to make conscious efforts to translate their work in a manner which is mass friendly and easily comprehensible.

How can artists disseminate their work across a large section of society?
Who comprises of this large section of society? This is a huge section comprising of professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate houses, students, housewives, common man who are intellectual, opinionated, progressive and creative! they are not much aware about the art scenario. given the right knowledge and having shed light on this form of art, this section shows huge potential Artists need to share their thought process, vision and history behind their individual paintings with the masses. It is important to simplify the thoughts behind the paintings.

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