• Reborn By Manoj Maurya
  • Reborn By Manoj Maurya
  • Reborn By Manoj Maurya

When a life is Born, Death takes birth
When a life is Reborn, Universe takes birth

Reborn is the state of conscious awakening which takes life closer to its real purpose. Reborn series of paintings deciphers the real essence of awakened life between birth and death. When a human life undergoes through the process of Reborn, it comes closer to self realisation, universal truth and unveils the purpose of its birth. It is the process of Reborn that made Siddharth achieve enlightenment. It is Reborn of Narendra to Swami Vivekanand.

Reborn series of painting - A journey of Canvas, Consciousness & Color
To translate the essence of Reborn on canvas was an experience I never had before. The more I tried to paint my thoughts, the more thoughts started colouring my consciousness. As I started going deeper in my art, I started enjoying the harmony taking place between my canvas and consciousness. My thoughts were colouring my canvas and my canvas was colouring my consciousness. The journey of Reborn paintings had music as my companion. The amalgamation of thoughts, music, colors and canvas has been captured in Reborn Paintings.

Time for Reborn
There is no particular time set for Reborn to happen to you. It is waiting every moment to happen to you. You just have to be receptive to the calls of universe.

Need for Reborn
The utter need for Reborn is to solve world's crises.

Who should undergo Reborn?
You, me, all of us, who have taken birth.

Are some people destined to be Reborn?
No. Reborn is an inherent quest within every human life. The person who explores this quest, get destined to be Reborn.

Is Reborn, the solution to world's crises?
If everyone undergoes through the process of Reborn, world problems could definitely be solved. When one undergoes through the process of Reborn, he comes closest to himself. He starts understanding himself better. Most of the problems arise when we don't know ourselves. If we cannot establish peace within us, how can we establish amiability with others. This is the root cause of all the problems.
Imagine, when everyone has undergone through the process of Reborn, there would be a unifying understanding between every human interactions.
Most of the crises today are man created. Man starts creating problems when there is something amiss within him. It is therefore necessary to address the defective inner mechanism which is manifested as crises in the outer world.


Making of Reborn Logo
While I started creating Reborn Series, I thought it is impossible to compile the entire vision of Reborn in one exhibition. read more


Reborn Logo Decoded
The womb, the source of Reborn is made up of a fine single thread. The phase of Reborn arrives between the period of one's birth and death. read more

ReBORN by Manoj Mauryaa

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